Night Blog

October 9, 2007

It’s 1 am. Time to blog. So how’s the world of lonely people typing out their lives on plastic keys? I’m tired, but I thrive on sleepless nights. I work. Write. Talk to people who will see my words at day. Wish. I read decorating & women’s magazine’s online that I would never read otherwise. I find news. I find old friends. I send notes to family who don’t send notes back. It is a good time to explore my inner self. My self at all other times is running in “outward” mode. Go on walks, go shopping, go to the park, answer a million “r” and “l” less questions, slop meals, wipe counters, rearrange messes (never clean them). But at night I work on the inner life of Corwin. The one who thrives on ideas, creativity, and thought. I think about books, dreams, goals, regrets, opportunities. And tomorrow this inner life will grow, and evolve. And sometimes break through into my outward life. And the 2 lives make up the me that is so integral. The me that God wanted on this planet. The essential Corwin-ness. Everyone should have this. A rich inner life. A free inner life. That broadens the outer life in colors and possibilities. I pray you will find the time to have one.

2 Responses to “Night Blog”

  1. Marie Says:

    You got that right about lonely people typing out lives on keys. Guess I’m one of them.If I didn’t have an outside job, I’d go stir crazy..I pray for a rich inner and free life.

  2. Marie Says:

    Well i’m on the lonley kb again. Life is busy for most but I tend to take it easy most of the time and keep up with family the best I can.
    It’s Martin Luther King Day….

    GodSpeed !

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