Russia, China, & North Korea are all using their best judgment to insure that the Middle East and the world engage in a nice nuclear spat within the next century.

Since the inception of the nuke just before World War II, the world has teetered tottered on a nuclear merry-go-round of “we’ve got them” “we’ve used them” “now you’ve got them” “but you can’t develop them”.

Yes nuclear reactions produce lots and lots and lots and lots of clean energy. However is it worth the lots and lots and lots of nuclear BOMBS? Should humans have their hands in splitting atoms at all? My heart felt answer NO!

But my ideology is futile, because they are already here. Around every global corner and on every global street. They are here. It is easy to get them because our wise Asian neighbors love to sell them!

Now tiny rougue nations with big vicious voices can put their hands in their pockets and poke a nasty pistol at the whole world. They will. They are. And you had better be ready to see it go off before your very eyes.


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