Do you READ your NEWS?

July 26, 2008

It is very important these days NOT to watch the news. Media driven news is poisoned by popularism, commercialism, the ratings game, and lots of trash that opposes the truth.

I highly suggest you read the news!

One way to do this is to get yourself a Gmail account. Go to and make customized news categories for yourself. Google then puts up relevant personalized news for you every minute, hour, and day! VERY COOL!

My categories are as follows:

World – Israel – Earthquake – EU Solana – and more


JVIM – daily news update


Jerusalem Post – Christian World


Fufilled Prophecy – Headline News Related to Bible Prophecy


Watchman Bible Study – Newsletters

I just heard a very stirring message from a pastor at Jesus Culture in CA. It was about how the only difference between people who change the world for God and those who don’t is that they DO SOMETHING. He mentioned, if you want to write powerful messages for Christ, start a blog. Only your mother will read it, but start one! I loved that! I had started this blog to be about the End Times and CS Lewis and things that are VERY powerful in my life of Faith. But I got very discouraged.

 I will keep writing anyway! Even if the only reader is my dear cousin Marie! (hey Marie)

So…lets start with this: on Saturday May 3rd, at 2 PM my grandmother and I are going to have a “class” for my family and our friends and church friends. It will cover Apocalyptic BIBLICAL events from in a balanced, scriptural, unifying, and inspired way. I will post the details of the conference when I get the place nailed down. It will be at a community hall in Cleveland, Georgia….but I don’t have the name and address of the place.

 My grandmother’s Lonnelle Harris and Madge Coon have been the greatest inpirations to me in studying God’s word. Prayer, talking to God, and listening to God. They are so important that I can’t even express where I would be without them. They have interceded for me, shared the Bible with me, loved me, and sang with me. They are the 2 most wonderful women that God has ever placed in my life, and I am eternally grateful to them.

So here’s to you Mema & Granny. Love and Hugs.